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This is Schnitzer’s best and largest manual flour mill. No electricity required. It clamps to a solid and square edged work surface or table. The handle has a large enough radius to make milling manageable, but as with any hand mill, does require some effort. The stones can be adjusted to provide coarse to fine flour. The handle is connected to a shaft that provides the option for the DIY enthusiast to connect to pedal power. We hope to introduce our own attachment for pedal power in the future, making this the ultimate Green Milling Machine!

Grinding performance: at 80 rpm, 65 grams per minute fine 130 gpm coarse Hopper capacity: 1 kg
Grinding stone in ceramic-bound corundum
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions: w 170 mm, d 360 mm, h 520 mm
Suitable for all dry grains including corn
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Retail Price £229.95
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Campo Flaker

Campo Flaker webThe Campo Flaker will provide you with the best tasting and most nutritious fresh flakes for porridge and muesli.  Fresh milled oats have all the natural oils still intact. This is the simplest way to enter the world of fresh whole grain! The Flaker is easy to use, children love to turn the handle to make oat flakes – ideal for baking flapjacks and biscuits as well as making breakfast cereals. Just 30 seconds of flaking will provide you with a portion of fresh oat flakes for your daily porridge or muesli – a great natural way to help reduce your cholesterol. This versatile Flaker clamped to a work surface will also produce Spelt, Rye and Wheat flakes. The fresh Oat flakes can also be used for making bath time oat soakies and facial masks. Our most popular item, it is a firm favourite for the breakfast table.

Flaker output: 110 grams per minute
Manual crank Stainless steel rollers
Dimensions: w 120 mm, d 185 mm, h 250 mm
Adjustable rollers
Clamps easily to a work surface
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Retail Price £139.95
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CH Hand Mill

CH Hand Mill webA small less expensive alternative hand mill that mills grains and dried spices. Includes table top attachment or just hold it in your hand. Ideal for making a small amount of flour –a small loaf, pancakes and muffins.

Mills  up to 30g per minute fine, 60g coarse
Grinding stone in ceramic-bound corundum
Clear flour ‘collector pot’ means you can see fresh milling.
Dimensions: Height 350mm
Hopper capacity 150g
Retail Price £99.95
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