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Maggie Barlow & James Halfhide – Partners in Imbhams Farm Granary.

Welcome to Grains2mill – the website of Imbhams Farm Granary. For us Imbhams Farm Granary is all about the concept of what fresh whole grains are, why they are different and what they could do for your body. Above all, and for most people it is about the additional taste, nutrition and flavour that fresh grains bring to everyday foods – Porridge, Mueslis, Breads, Cakes, Muffins and even Pizzas.

We have strong links with the best German Mill makers – Schnitzer – and supply a selection of proven hand and electric mills, all geared for the UK market. Naturally, we supply the right grains to support the mills in all their tasks and we now work with 5 different UK farmers sourcing grains of the highest quality.

For 2013, (we write this as the harvest is coming in) we hope to have 2 new grains (Wheat & Oats) grown  within 1 mile of our Mill Rooms on the Estate in Haslemere Surrey. We are truly very excited by the prospect of a Surrey grown Grade1 Milling Wheat and a raw Oat that we can blend into our Porridges and Mueslis. Local Food miles in action.

Today we have a complete product mix from plain & fruited Porridges, Wheat–free Mueslis & Granolas, Strong Bread flours both yeasted, and non-yeasted, bread mixes. All complemented with a range of fresh stone milled speciality flours – Spelt, Barley Cornmeal & Polenta. For raw food diets we stock premium sprouting grains and seeds.

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